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Comfortable win for ladies’ team away to Farningham

By June 2, 2021No Comments

Capel Ladies travelled to Farningham on Sunday 23 May for their first formal fixture of the year. The format was 8-a-side pairs cricket, with each pair facing two overs, played under the standard Women & Girls Softball Cricket rules. The wet weather in the preceding 48 hours resulted in cancelled training sessions, as well as the two planned senior men’s fixtures, but the ladies refused to let a few drops of rain get in the way of a morning’s cricket and managed to fit two matches in.
Capel won the toss for the first match and elected to field first. Fielding was tight and Farningham were left frustrated. Michelle Sanna took a wicket in the fourth over with a decent throw which hit the stumps before the batter could get safe. Another wicket was taken in the final over (bowled by Amy Cooper / caught by Emma Smith), leaving Capel needing just 232 to win. First pair in bat for Capel was Captain Suzi Rich and Nicole Ruegsegger, who scored a solid 18 runs. This was closely followed by second pair Amy Cooper and Katherine Jones, with 17 runs. Emma Smith and Michelle Sanna added 15 to the total and Final pair Jo Barwick and Michelle Archer scored 20 runs to secure a convincing win with a total of 270 for Capel.
Farningham won the toss for the second match and sent Capel back out to bat. First up again were Suzi and Nicole, who scored 10 runs. Second pair, Amy and Katharine, added 20 to that with a solid performance. Up next were Emma and Bella Van Heerden, who scored an outstanding 28 runs. Final pair Jo B and Michelle A added another 8 to the total, taking into account -5 for losing a wicket when Jo B was caught out. The total to beat from Capel was 266 runs. Keen to make up for the lost wicket, Jo B bowled a maiden over to start the second innings and Farningham’s first pair were held to just 2 runs. Capel bowled and fielded well throughout, taking a wicket in the fifth over (ran out) to reduce Farningham’s score by -5. Their final total was 240, leaving Capel with a second comfortable win for the day.

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